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Day 3 Wrap Up - COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0

Hey everyone,

Wow, has Day 3 nearly wrapped already?

Thanks so much for driving such awesome energy and momentum throughout the hackathon so far. 


We’re now getting towards that really exciting stage when it’s time to start submitting your projects.

No matter what stage you’re at in your project, it’s important to shift into submission gear (including moving ‘draft’ projects to ‘final’) for a few reasons:

  1. Uploaded submissions provide visibility into your project via our Submissions page, which can help you connect with feedback, ideas and insights from fellow participants

  2. Submissions remain editable (including the video links) right up until the end of the hackathon, so don’t worry if you’ve still got more work to do: get it submitted and then keep iterating!

  3. Posting a submission now, even with a WIP project, means that you’re guaranteed not to miss Monday’s final deadline and we’ll still be able to assess your solution’s potential :) 

Thanks again all - we’re really energized by the potential all of your projects have to make a real difference! Let’s bring it home strong.

The COVID-19 Global Hackathon Team


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