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Love grants us courage to keep on going

"May the world be embraced with blood."
"Night falls, yet love, stays still."
"Mmm... The smell of blood excites me."
"A puddle of blood is a sight that relieves me."
"*laughs* Whoever wrote my lines is a long-winded bastard."
"Loneliness is not about being alone, missing him is.."
"Ahh.. My thirst for blood and for him is just insatiable."
"No one is more sincere than Cecilion?"
"Do not go gentle into that good night."
"Love grants us courage to keep on going."


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Today, I turn 14 in the music industry for being a drummer. I'm glad to look back when I was be able to play my first beat in the front of my favorite instrument. Thank you for all the people who manage to suffer teaching me. (laughing...) Happy 14th year anniversary to me! Thank you Acts 29 Mission Band for being my first ever band and my mentor who manage to bring me into the group. Thank you (Started with a kiss) for letting me involve in your battle of the bands when we were college. Thank you also to my last band "Never on Sunday" for bringing me back again at the studio. You are all worthy and awesome. Thank you guys. 


Regen! .... -Bhadz™